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AlmavivA: call center branch closings and ready for smart working

AlmavivA: call center branch closings and ready for smart working


Protection of the workers in first place, breaking the chain of contagion 

We have made every effort and taken all the required measures to guarantee the safety of those who work in our call centers, committed daily to ensure continuity for customer services. 

Complete compliance with the rules and indispensable conditions, but today that is not enough. Precautions for those who work must be absolute, prevention must be radical and call centers must be at zero risk. 

In the face of the most dramatic emergency in our recent history, company executives must make clear decision, become a part of the solution and, without any hesitation whatsoever, contribute to eliminating the risks of viral spreading in order to break the chain of contagion. 

With this awareness, within the next 72 hours, AlmavivA has decided to suspend all activities of workers in its call centers on the national territory - more than 5 thousand - which cannot be managed through smart working, conducting operations remotely from the workers’ homes, a method already adopted by 3500 group employees in the IT sector. 

At the same time, supervision of public utility services will be guaranteed, starting from the toll free number for the Covid-19 emergency organized in maximum safety conditions. 

Protecting people, safeguarding their health and the safety of their families, is a fundamental value and, together, the most valuable antibody in battling and defeating the invisible and devastating enemy. 

Operators in the AlmavivA call centers will be accompanied in the new remote working methods. Every possible investment is being concentrated on these new methods and constant interaction is being activated for the necessary collaboration with our primary customers. They will also be able to count on support for them and for their families, continuous assistance and an advance of the monthly salaries envisaged by the instruments for the suspension period, also through a dedicated corporate contact center. 

AlmavivA Contact is the same company that, for some time now, has had to handle crises, redundancies and economic-financial non-sustainability due to distortions of the sector regulations and offshoring of Italian work abroad. A serious situation that we have not forgotten. But what needs to be handled today is a test of crucial responsibility in defense of a priceless common asset.