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AlmavivA, expression of interest for Alitalia

AlmavivA, expression of interest for Alitalia


The AlmavivA Group has promoted a consortium, in partnership with other Italian companies in the Information Technology sector, for submitting an expression of interest relating to the Alitalia procedure, formalised within the deadline of 18 March 2020.

The decision is motivated by the desire to have the contribution of consolidated business experiences and digital skills seeing the company's perspective in the context of a broader relaunching project for Tourism and Made in Italy.

A strategic plan, aimed at enhancing Alitalia as a central entity for its profile, structure and mission, characterised by completely its digitalised services management, integrated assistance and reception system and advanced ability to promote tourism and the Italian cultural heritage.

Alitalia takes on the role of the main messenger for Made in Italy, in a vision oriented to favouring innovation and quality offerings, opening up new and solid employment opportunities.​