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B.M. Tecnologie Industriali

B.M. Tecnologie Industriali

The instrumental engineering Company to support Water Utilities

B.M. Tecnologie Industriali joined Almaviva Group in July 2023. Founded in 1991 as an instrumental engineering company to support water utilities, its mission is to develop a culture of managing water and sewer networks through measured data, using methodologies, software, and algorithms to define water budgets in Italy and worldwide, aiming for excellence and energy efficiency.

A better quality of life and a more rational use of water resources in a healthier and more sustainable environment. With the acquisition of B.M. Tecnologie Industriali and 2f Water Venture, Almaviva Group now offers an unparalleled solution in Italy, bringing them closer to their goal of helping Water Utilities - of all sizes, both in Italy and abroad - to achieve the highest level of water care. This is made possible through the seamless integration of consultancy capabilities, technological and process expertise, sensors, services, decision support, fluid dynamics engineering, and instrumental engineering.

Main activities:

Research and management

of leakage in aqueducts and sewers

Supply of services

for water network management

Environmentale monitoring

Detection of parasitic waters

in sewer networks

Qualitative-Quantitative Monitoring

of water and sewer networks

Development and marketing

of specialized software

Telemetry networks

Construction, Sale, Repair, and Rental

of equipment and tools for the analysis, recording, and adjustment of physical and physicochemical quantities


Working with water every day and taking care of it in every moment

B.M. Tecnologie Industriali Management

Antonio Amati


B.M. Tecnologie Industriali Management

Franco Masenello


B.M. Tecnologie Industriali S.p.A.
Società Benefit

Head office
Via dell’Industria, 12
35030 Rubano (PD)
Share Capital € 3,000,000.00 fully paid up
Companies’ Register of Padua
Fiscal Code/VAT N. 02459940280
R.E.A. PD-230790
Company subject to the management and direction of Almaviva S.p.A.

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