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Almaviva Finland

Almaviva Finland

Made in Italy Infomobility for Scandinavia and the Baltic Region

Established in June 2022, Almaviva Finland is Almaviva Group Company created to support Almaviva development in Northern Europe. Leading in Italy the field of ICT applied to the Transportation and Logistics sector, and an increasingly important player in the international market, Almaviva Group’s value proposition enables the opportunities offered by the emerging paradigms of digital mobility.

Almaviva Finland responds to the need to closely monitor the RAMI project, the PIS - Passenger Information System currently in use in Finland's railway stations. The solution, for which Almaviva will be in charge of system operations management until 2030, was designed for FINTRAFFIC, the Finnish State Transport Agency, in charge of the management of rails, roads, ports, and airports of Finland’s Transportation sector.

This collaboration is of crucial importance in enabling Almaviva Group to secure, through Almaviva Finland, a strategic presence and important market shares in Northern Europe, specifically in the Scandinavian Peninsula and Baltic Sea.

Almaviva Finland Management

Smeraldo Fiorentini

Sole Administrator

Almaviva Finland OY
Head office
Asianajotsto Oy Kalevankatu 6
00100, Helsinki

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