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Corporate policy

Corporate policy

The value of an integrated policy

Quality, data security and business continuity, social & energetic-environmental responsibility, occupational health & safety, diversity, equity & safety

AlmavivA Group recognizes the concepts of quality and service management, security and business continuity, environmental & energetic responsibility, social responsibility, occupational health & safety, development of medical devices, diversity, equity & inclusion as fundamental elements of its operational methods. The aforementioned concepts permeate the three underlying elements of its corporate policy: values, corporate strategy, customer needs.

Quality and service management

Our performance is always up to standard, consistent with both the needs and requirements of the customer and with the values and strategies defined by management

Security and business continuity

We guarantee the certainty and reliability of corporate processes and IT business services, ensuring continuity in the delivery of services/products, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the IT assets managed/maintained on behalf of our clients

Social responsibility

We take ethical principles into account in the company’s strategic vision, through effective management of social impact issues within the organization and in its areas of activity

Environmental & energetic responsibility

We take environmental issues into account when making corporate choices, through the adoption of eco-friendly behaviors, technologies, and production methods, with the objective of reducing our environmental footprint

Occupational health & safety

We provide safe and healthy work environments, proactively prevent accidents and occupational diseases, monitor risks and hazards in the workplace, and take appropriate actions to mitigate them

Medical devices

We ensure the design and implementation of CE-marked Medical Device software, based on artificial intelligence, with the objective of assisting medical personnel in the diagnosis and treatment of specific pathologies

Diversity, equity & inclusion

We affirm a culture of solidarity and respect for equal opportunities in any and all business and operations areas, with no exception, inspired by the principles of plurality, enhancement of diversity, equity & inclusion, committing ourselves to ensuring equal treatment and opportunities for professional growth and development, as well as supporting women's empowerment and gender balance in leadership positions


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