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At the heart of Almaviva's growth lies the invaluable role of its people, who contribute to the development of the company's culture and vision.

Almaviva Group is dedicated to promoting the potential of each and every one of its employees: creating healthy, safe, stimulating, and receptive work environments that are able to attract and develop talent; providing tools for managing skills, as well as mechanisms for evaluating results and awarding excellence which celebrate each individual’s unique strengths; encouraging organizational well-being and work-life balance, also through flexibility and autonomy with respect to one’s choice of hours and workplace; promoting continuous listening and communication initiatives with employees; and developing diversified learning programs that boost self-esteem and motivation, support individual growth, benefit the organization as a whole, and instill a sense of pride in the commitment to building solutions that improve people's lives.

The Group prioritizes advanced levels of safety, sustainability, and work-life balance, as well as cooperation and communication. In collaboration with its employees, the company has launched a project that aims to create a flexible environment which integrates both physical and digital space, inspired by a hybrid model of smart working, focused on efficiency and results, and guided by principles of trust and collaboration, autonomy and responsibility.

The project is called “become”, a journey that we at Almaviva are embarking upon together.

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