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Centralized Acquisition System

Centralized Acquisition System

Use Case

Remote management and control platform for next-gen sensors

SAC - Centralized Acquisition System - is a remote management and control platform for sensors, meters, and IoT actuators installed to monitor and regulate systems and infrastructure, communicating with them by using primary standard communication protocols.

The system provides support in the process of deploying instruments, receiving telemetric and alarm data in real-time or in batch mode from devices installed in the field, while also giving operators the ability to manage the same devices remotely.

Data acquisition in smart scenarios

Due to its open nature, Almaviva’s Centralized Acquisition System supports acquisition scenarios even in the case of networks shared between multiple operators, or rather where various types of infrastructures and networks are already available from a Smart City perspective, thanks to the ability to acquire data from water meters, environmental monitoring systems, and flow and pressure sensors distributed throughout the network, etc.

Among the SAC’s functionalities is the acquisition of data from the monitoring stations of electrical, photovoltaic, and inverter systems, which makes it possible – in the case of systems – to associate “operating cost” data with water resource delivery data, monitoring, for example, the equivalent CO2 required for specific pressure or volume delivery in the network over time.

In case of multi-utility operators, the system can transparently acquire data from non-water meters (such as gas meters).

Almaviva solution defining elements

Two-way communication

between smart meters and the central data acquisition system

AI-driven functionality

for consultation, visualization, and provision of predictive consumption analysis

AI-driven data cleaning algorithms

for the removal of anomalous measurements, not meeting congruence criteria, and the simulation of missing data (data processing)

Leak detection technologies

through the identification of anomalous consumption profiles, regardless of meter functionalities, and “user-side” leaks”


Water network digital twin

In addition to collecting consumption data for administrative purposes, Almaviva’s SAC can be used to monitor the water network, or rather facilitate the automatic management of water budgets.

Smart meters can be strategically positioned along the water network to collect data on its operation, replacing room-based loggers (which are more difficult to reach via radio signal).

Almaviva’s SAC solution is already natively integrated with the Smart Water Management, which enables the creation of the water network digital twin.

This advanced system uses data from smart meters to create a real-time virtual replica of the physical water network.

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