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Intelligent Water Network Management System

Intelligent Water Network Management System

Use Case

An information system to improve the unified and efficient management of the water network

Almaviva has implemented a system that supports integrated water service management and water leak containment activities.

The process of modernizing integrated water service management, introduced by the project, is based on the application of international best practices, according to the guidelines adopted by the European Union and in keeping with the principles and objectives of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development and the National Plan for Adapting to Climate Change.

An innovative solution that guarantees interoperability with information systems that are already available from the operator and availability of information at all corporate levels

Technology and digital tools for detecting, locating, and monitoring water leaks, analyzing performance, managing pressure, monitoring the condition of networks and pipelines, managing users’ measurements and consumption, mathematical modelling of the networks, and managing assets.

The orchestration of these tools comes together in a Decision Support System that, through the use of field data and mathematical models, provides information that supports personnel who must make decisions, particularly regarding activities that are necessary for reducing water leaks.

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