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Feel Florence

Feel Florence

Use Case

App for the management of tourist flows in Florence


Managing tourist flows by suggesting unusual itineraries within the city’s neighborhoods and metropolitan area, thus exposing tourists to local experience, so that they gain a deeper understanding of Florence and its unique characteristics, as well as promoting a form of sustainable tourism, while at the same time providing residents with a tool for staying up-to-date on local events and initiatives.

The best way to experience Florence

Feel Florence gives tourists suggestions on the best way to experience Florence and not just visit it, introducing a new approach to tourism and a new concept of public spaces in this art city, which requires intelligent management of the large crowds that flock primarily to the historic center.

Feel Florence App is designed for tourists, starting with trip planning. It allows users to indicate their preferences and interests and to create a travel diary with the different legs of their visit. during their stay in the city, it also suggests the best ways to experience Florence.

Thanks to the "skip the line" feature, through the analysis of crowd data, gathered from sensors, cameras, and statistics, the App displays the crowdedness of a location and, if necessary, suggests less crowded destinations nearby, thus fulfilling two primary objectives:

Streamling and improving

the provision of services aimed at tourists

Promoting destinations and itineraries

off the beaten tourist path



Feel Florence detects tourist presence in the area in real-time and suggests alternative routes and experiences to visitors, providing information regarding the crowd situation.

By utilizing sensors present throughout the city and implementing AI-based technology, the platform makes it possible for the local administration responsible for managing tourism in the area to more effectively monitor and manage tourist traffic, thus allowing:


to have a better and broader experience, more in line with their interests and off the usual attractions

Sector operators

to offer more attractions and extend their range of services beyond the historic center and throughout the entire metropolitan area


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