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Almaviva and Ogyre

Almaviva and Ogyre

Goal: protecting the Blue Planet

The campaign to collect 1 ton of marine waste over a 4-month period kicked off the partnership between Almaviva and Ogyre, representing a tangible commitment to environmental sustainability and the global fight against ocean pollution.

Active in Italy, Greece, Brazil, and Indonesia, Ogyre is the first global "fishing for litter" platform.

“Fishing for litter” is a method of retrieving plastic from the sea that involves local fishermen in various Countries. The collected waste is stored and brought ashore. Once in port, marine litter is catalogued and disposed of correctly, according to the logic of circular economy.

Almaviva and Ogyre believe in the power of collective action and are committed to advancing their mission to protect the world's oceans, helping to safeguard marine biodiversity and combat climate change.

“The challenge we face today, as a company, is to reconcile technological innovation with environmental conservation, people’s quality of life, and maintaining financial stability. To this end, in addition to our commitment to harnessing the potential of technological evolution for the benefit of the country's growth and sustainable development, we dedicate ourselves to value-driven initiatives that align with the objectives set out in the UN’s 2030 Agenda,” comments Marco Tripi, Almaviva Group CEO.

"The collaboration with Almaviva was established to provide an immediate and tangible response to the urgent threat of ocean pollution. We are thrilled to have found a partner that not only cares about the environmental emergency, but also recognizes Ogyre’s social value, especially in places like Brazil, where every recovery operation not only preserves marine ecosystems, but also contributes to the well-being of the local communities involved," comments Antonio Augeri, Ogyre co-founder.