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Almaviva for CRI - Italian Red Cross

Almaviva for CRI - Italian Red Cross

Donating blood: a simple gift of universal value

Donating blood is a voluntary act that costs nothing, a civic duty, a tangible gesture of solidarity with others, it exalts the value of life, breaks down barriers of gender, race, religion, and ideology, and is one of the few moments of true preventive medicine. It is an extremely generous act that saves other people’s lives.

Almaviva has been promoting blood donation for years. Since July 2014, the group of donors at the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital has been collaborating with the Italian Red Cross in Rome, a city that still has a long way to go in achieving the same self-sufficiency as almost all other Italian cities and in which Almaviva has been working hard to organize awareness-raising initiatives and corporate days dedicated to blood donation.

Become a donor yourself: it only takes a few minutes to save the life of someone you don’t know while also checking up on your own state of health.

Find out more on CRI - Croce Rossa Italiana website.