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Almaviva for Banco Alimentare

Almaviva for Banco Alimentare

Helping hands: Almaviva for Banco Alimentare

Because food waste is hard to swallow

Food waste is difficult to swallow. Almaviva joins up the volunteers of the Banco Alimentare non-profit foundation, a network that collects surplus food that’s still perfectly good, but, having lost commercial value in the food supply chain, is destined to be disposed of.

The primary sources of the supply for the organizations in the Banco Alimentare’s national network are the agricultural industry, fruit and vegetable markets, large supermarket chains, and restaurants.

The foundation’s activities come to a climax on the third Saturday of November, National Food Collection Day, a moment that engages and raises awareness among civil society through the invitation to perform a tangible gesture of giving and sharing: buying groceries for those who are poorer than you.

Would you also like to organize food collection days at your company's offices?

Visit the Banco Alimentare non-profit organization Foundation's website.