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Sport for good

Sport for good

Identity sport in corporate culture, a lever for growth and empowerment

Almaviva’s journey with Sport Senza Frontiere

Sport has a special place in the business culture that Almaviva embodies every day. This culture is based on caring for people, respecting shared ethical principles, and respecting the rules with transparency. From the earliest days of its business start, Almaviva has always considered sport to be essential to an organization’s well-being. Sport is important for its metaphorical significance and for the values that resonate with Almaviva’s values: individual excellence and teamwork must be expressed to their fullest in order to achieve the necessary competitive advantage.

Loyalty and cooperation, passion and fun, fairness and solidarity, strength and determination. It is no coincidence that the values of rugby accompanied the founding of the Group. In 2006, Almaviva underscored this by giving its name to a model club in the national sports scene: Almaviva Capitolina, engaged that year in the Super 10 round of excellence, without ever losing its youth training orientation - during that season and in the years to come.

Since then, Almaviva has promoted dozens of tournaments for its employees, garnering the participation of hundreds of fans who wanted to experience a different way of being together. A change of pace came in 2023. The project that awarded employees a Cup, “Sport for Good”, was launched in the main cities where Almaviva Group is present. Its aim is supporting the projects of Sport Senza Frontiere, the non-profit organization that works for a world in which sport is accessible to everyone and it is recognized and used as a tool for education, prevention, inclusion and social cohesion, with particular regard toward disadvantaged children.

Under the banner of “Sport for Good”, Almaviva has started a path of collaboration with Sport Senza Frontiere, sharing its goals of social inclusion and integration, health protection and promotion of correct lifestyles, combating school dropout, prevention of juvenile deviance phenomena and promotion of legality, and dissemination of a culture of acceptance in respect of diversity.

With the enrolment to March Run Rome Marathon, the support by Almaviva Group to Sport senza Frontiere Charity Program moves on in 2024 and gets strengthened through three Joy Points in Rome, Naples, and Milan, social-oriented summer camps hosting overall 900 kids and teens aged 6 through 14, set up by SSF sister organizations which, within the daily sports programme, offer specific educational labr held by the team of trainers and psychologists of the Association.​​​

To learn more, send an e-mail to Joy project or pay a visit to the website page dedicated to Joy project.