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Anti-corruption policy

Anti-corruption policy

Only technology driven by an ethical commitment can become a force for growth

We view corruption as an obstacle to economic, political, and social development and a threat to the proper functioning of the market in which we operate as a Group. For Almaviva Group, only technology driven by a solid ethical commitment can effectively become a force for growth. Fairness, loyalty, impartiality, integrity, and transparency are the basic principles with which Almaviva conducts business, in accordance with current legislation and the highest international standards.

We comply with all laws, legislation, mandatory regulations, international standards, and guidelines in the countries where we operate which seek to prevent corruption, including laws that ratify international conventions prohibiting bribery of public officials as well as corruption between private individuals, such as:

  • The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Convention on combating bribery of foreign public officials in international business transactions
  • The UN Convention against corruption
  • The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enacted in the US
  • The UK Bribery Act enacted in the UK

and their subsequent amendments and additions.

Almaviva Group's anti-corruption policy aims to establish clear guidelines against corrupt practices for members of the parent company’s corporate bodies, management, all personnel, and all those who, whether permanently or temporarily, establish a relationship with the Group.

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