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For Almaviva Group, being a leading Italian Group of companies in the IT sector means being aware of and spreading awareness about the implications of digital transformation, which are increasingly intertwined with various aspects of sustainability, serving as a lever to support an innovative development model that is respectful of our shared future.

Almaviva Group approach to sustainability integrates various social, environmental, and governance aspects, not only in the products and services it offers to the market, but also in its business operations, generating a synergy capable of fueling an ethical, inclusive, and environmentally conscious digital transition.

The companies within Almaviva Group, dedicated to harnessing technological advancements for the growth and sustainable development of the country, are an active and conscious part of the profound and momentous process of change that is underway, a responsibility that they embrace by observing and contributing to the transformations taking place through the eyes of future generations.

Almaviva is LIVING Sustainability.

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