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Regardless of the specific laws and regulations in the Countries in which it operates, Almaviva Group is dedicated to promoting a supportive culture and accelerating the achievement of equal opportunities for all, with programs aimed at valuing gender differences and identities, sexual orientation, abilities, ethnic background, culture, age, and religion.

An approach based on respect, inclusion, and the celebration of each person’s unique qualities, which makes it possible to attract, develop, inspire, and reward the most talented individuals, creating a fair, diverse, open, and balanced environment that is capable of generating innovation and allowing people to grow and thrive.

Fully committed to the challenge of reducing the gender gap in STEM fields, particularly in ICT professions, Almaviva Group promotes the adoption of policies that support gender equality and female empowerment within the company, as well as those that improve women’s access to the job market, career paths, and leadership roles while encouraging work-life balance.

Greater diversity as well as a greater capacity for innovation and creativity.

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