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Innovation starts from know-how

Innovation starts from know-how

Customer Experience. Your bank. Anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Nowadays the physical branch is but one of the many ways of contact with your bank. ReActive seeks to draw financial operators even closer to the 5 million Italians who use smartphones each day to protect their investments.

Data security. To feel secure, whether at home or at the bank.

Security of data and transactions, protection of privacy, transparency. A bank is worthless if its clients do not feel secure. Our solutions are designed to help all people feel secure when they operate – whether high-tech students or pensioners.

At ReActive technological expertise merges with the expertise of our financial experts to always offer you the best solutions:


Proficiency in the technology language is not enough. We also need to be familiar with financial functions and processes


In the current scenario it is important to be well-acquainted with the laws of the sector and move nimbly among the national and European regulatory fulfilments


Supporting our clients is essential to devise innovative solutions and create new business opportunities

The solution for tomorrow’s bank

End-to-End solutions

We support you from the analysis of the requirements and objectives to the creation of the final product

Product suite

A solution to each of your needs: scalable, modular, easily integrated and always accessible

Solutions as a Service

You only pay the service you require, without additional costs and with the utmost flexibility


Discover our offer

Capital Market

Solutions for integrating the finance front-office and back-office systems and for managing the main financial instruments

Multi-channel services

Expertise regarding multi-platform wireless technologies to implement and integrate mobile banking solutions and provide multi-channel information services

Insurance management systems

Solutions and products for managing processes of the Life, Casualty, Liability, Compliance, Governance & Risk areas


Innovative digital solutions to support the evolution of the banking and insurance industries

Customer Experience Management

Advanced CEM solutions both for easy, intuitive and flexible use and instant and effective data management by the user, and for customized management of the client, marketing campaigns, brand reputation and Web sentiment analysis, with a semantic-ontological search engine in the natural language and multilingual versions on all contact channels


Solutions and products dedicated to clients and businesses to manage payment processes on standard and advanced channels

Core banking

Solutions for managing sector processes (registry, financing, IAS, current accounts, terms and conditions, etc.)

Governance & Compliance

Products and services for managing conformity with national and EC standards for the sector (Signalling, Anti-money laundering, EBA, Market Abuse, Consolidated Balance Sheet, etc.


Business support products and services for the correct identification and management of pricing policies


Solutions and products for the management of IT and process security (Biometric Authentication, Fraud Management, etc.)

Credit Area

Platform and services for fund management and for the analysis and evaluation of property assets

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Advanced analysis and data reporting platform (Risk Analysis, Assessment & Management, Solvency, etc.), Data Quality & Big Data

Tax & Finance

Tax and Wealth Management consultancy and process products and services


Products and services for Business Process Outsourcing supporting banking and insurance transactions and end-to-end management of trust fund business