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Practices for Reclaiming Polluted Areas

Practices for Reclaiming Polluted Areas

Use Case

A platform for managing, executing, and monitoring the bureaucracy and administration of the recovery practices included in the Regional Reclamation Plan

The Regional Reclamation Plan is a planning tool through which the Regions, in keeping with national regulations, will, among other things:

identify the sites to be reclaimed within their own territory as well as the general characteristics of the pollutants present

establish an order of priority for reclamation activities based on a comparative risk assessment developed by the organizations in charge

indicate the modalities of the environmental reclamation and rehabilitation activities

define the methods for disposing of the materials which must be removed

estimate the necessary costs of the reclamation activities


Almaviva has, for one of the biggest Italian Regions, created a platform which manages the Regional Reclamation Plan through the digitalization of administrative procedures, monitoring of the plan’s progress, analysis of the sites’ state of contamination, and sharing of data on the Portal.

Workflow and Document Management Becomes a Business Asset

The platform provides effective and transparent support for the proper preservation of, and rapid and safe access to, documentation:

visualization, on a map thanks to a GIS component

observation, using intelligent filters, of how the census of sites which have been identified as areas that must be monitored has evolved

aggregation, showing the details of the temporal evolution of the data and how it is shared

exchange of information and communication between the various actors involved in the plan’s management in order to facilitate administrative transparency and provide support, even in the event of large-scale contamination or widespread pollution


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