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Electronic Health Record 2.0

Electronic Health Record 2.0

Use Case

EHR and citizen engagement

New features encourage greater citizen engagement and greater use of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), implemented by the Sardinia Region in 2005-2006, in compliance with the requirements subsequently established at the central level..

Compared to its previous version, the Electronic Health Record 2.0 aims to be more easily navigated by users and provide additional services which encourage patients to be involved in their treatment and care.

Voice access to patient information

The system is designed to allow the information contained in medical reports, prescriptions, and other health related documents to be organized and made readily available, creating a longitudinal analysis of clinical events, rather than document silos.

Citizens can also interact with the tool vocally in order to request specific information or documents, similar to the way one interacts with virtual assistants. In this way, the tool can be accessed by almost every citizen.

Results and future developments

The recently released anonymized tracking system tracks the distribution and use of the EHR by citizens. Thanks to data analysis and machine learning algorithms, in the future the Electronic Health Record 2.0 will be integrated with other vertical solutions and applications that are able to adapt the system interface to the interests and needs of patients:

Medical reporting in order to consult the system regarding the text of a report being written

Geolocation of anonymized data

Display of epidemiological, drug consumption, and performance maps to support healthcare policies

Display of EHR usage data



On occasion of the online conference, the Sardinia Region’s “Electronic Health Record 2.0” project, developed in collaboration with AlmavivA, received a special mention in the “Citizen Services” category from the Digital Innovation in Healthcare Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano’s School of Management.

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Special mention to Sardinia Region for the "Electronic Healthcare Record 2.0", developed in cooperation with AlmavivA

Award assigned by the Digital Innovation in Healthcare Observatory at the Polytechnic University of Milan’s School of Management during the online conference “Digital Healthcare Beyond the Emergency: More Connected For a New Start"


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