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Tourism Portal - Municipality of Cagliari

Tourism Portal - Municipality of Cagliari

Use Case

ortal dedicated to tourist sites/attractions and an associated mobile App for infomobility services


In a city with a vibrant tourism industry, a successful and effective promotion of the region relies on the use of increasingly advanced digital tools, at the same time contributing to the further growth of tourism and, therefore, to the economic development of Sardinia’s capital city.

The Municipality of Cagliari’s new Tourism Portal is part of the implementation process of the PON METRO 2014-2020 project.

The funds made available by the European Union were used to create a technological tool capable of effectively managing the needs of the Region and of the "new tourist", providing exceptional services in a sector that is currently a driving force for the Country’s economic growth and development.

A tool to support the city’s renewal

The Municipality of Cagliari’s new Tourism Portal and its App enable tourists and residents to enjoy a unique travel experience in this capital city, providing users with detailed information on each attraction and suggestions regarding not only local activities and events, but also customized routes to help discover the city's beauty, history, and monuments in a more engaging way.

Characterized by its ease-of-use and by the opportunity to discover fascinating details about this marvelous city’s history, culture, and stunning landscape, the portal is an intuitive tool for organizing itineraries based on users’ personal preferences and needs. It is divided into five main sections, designed to help organize a trip from the comfort of one’s home or via a convenient mobile app, providing practical information on things like parking, hospitals, cabs, tour guides, and anything else that may be useful to visitors.


Cagliari's natural tourism appeal can be enjoyed throughout every season. The promotion of tourism makes use of digital services that leverage the region’s outstanding products and attractions, through a process of technological and digital innovation that offers people quality services in order to facilitate access to information and help tourists get the most out of their visit to the city.

Through the Tourism Portal, users can personalize their visit with specific functions:

Skip the crowd

to know the level of crowding in advance and avoid lines at the most popular tourist sites

Personal travel book

through which users can create their own customized itinerary with selected stops and pre-set dates

Favourite categories

to select events and places of interest (culture, nature, food, sports, etc.)


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