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Qlik's “Visualise Your World” today in Milan

Qlik's “Visualise Your World” today in Milan


Almawave, one of the event sponsors, presents “Iride BI – Powered by QlikView®”


We all have data available, but it's how we use them that makes the difference. “Visualise Your World”, an event run by Qlik and dedicated to the visualisation and understanding of data, is being held today in Milan. At “Visualise Your World”, sector experts share their vision on current issues, such as data visualisation, big data and data governance. Furthermore, Qlik customers explain how they have transformed significant intuitions to achieve a business edge, while partners and system integrators present vertical solutions and technological integration methods.

Almawave, one of the event sponsors, presents “Iride BI – Powered by QlikView®”, developed in partnership with Qlik and integrated into the Iride Customer Centric Suite platform. The new module “Iride BI – Powered by QlikView®” allows Almawave customers to extract the maximum value from the information produced by interaction between customers and company, creating powerful, easy-to-use analyses of the actual needs of customers, through a new, multi-channelled and finally complete vision of the customer journey. Iride Customer Centric Suite is Almawave's semantic and ontological platform; it's flexible, innovative and complete, unique in its nature and created to make interaction with customer's faster, easier and more efficient, in order to guarantee a top-quality customer experience and a comprehensive understanding of their needs.

The event is also a chance to discover Qlik® Sense, the new Qlik data self-service visualisation application, which offers users unlimited opportunities to create personalised data analyses and to explore the relations that exist between pieces of information in order to instantly reveal the existing connections.

“Visualise Your World” will be held from 08:30 to 17:00 at East End Studios, 90 Via Mecenate, Milan. Attendance is free.

To find out more, visit the event website and view the Agenda for 25 November.