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Profilo di Gruppo

Profilo di Gruppo

Absolute digital

Almaviva is synonymous with digital innovation.

Proven experience, unique skills, ongoing research and in-depth knowledge of a range of public and private market sectors are what make it the leading Italian Group in Information & Communications Technology.

Almaviva Group operates globally, with 44 offices in Italy and 35 abroad. It has a significant presence in Brazil. With 45,000 people - 6,000 in Italy and 39,000 overseas - Almaviva is the 3rd private Italian Group in terms of people worldwide, recording a turnover in 2023 of Euro 1.185 million.

AlmavivaGroup is a leading provider of mission-critical IT services in Italy and a leading provider of digital relationship management (''DRM'') outsourcing services in LATAM. Its business is grouped into three operating divisions organized around principal areas of activity: IT services, DRM International and People-centered Technology, the innovation and new technologies business.

Almaviva Group leads digitalization and technological innovation process, taking up the challenge multi-size and industry realities will have to face in the near future to remain competitive, by innovating their business model, organization, enterprise culture and ICT.