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Rome, Università degli Studi Roma Tre 18-19 January 2017

Rome, Università degli Studi Roma Tre 18-19 January 2017


Voice technologies: a double event at ‘Roma Tre’ University. Almawave and PerVoice take part in "La Voce del Forense"

To discuss the state of the art of voice and language technologies in the legal sector or in support of judicial and investigation activities, from a national and international point of view. This is the objective of the Study Day "La voce del forense", which will be held today in Rome, at ‘Roma Tre’ University.

Almawave will be represented by Danilo Piatti and Roberto De Finis, with a speech on “Smart broadcast solutions in support of security enforcement”.

Paolo Paravento will be speaking for PerVoice on “Voice Analytics technology: understanding the intentions and sentiments in a voice”.

Find out more about the event in the Study Day program.

Tomorrow, the same venue will host “Voice technology and natural language for the Cultural Heritage”, a workshop dedicated to voice technologies and to the natural processing of language, in connection with the use and cataloguing of the cultural heritage.

Find out more at the program of the event.

The two-day event has been organized by ForumTAL, a Forum on the Automatic Processing of Language, AISV-GFF – the Italian Association of Voice Sciences – Legal Phonetics Group, the Department of Humanities of ‘Roma Tre’ University, in partnership with the FUB Fondazione Ugo Bordoni Foundation.