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Almawave: with the group stages completed, Twitter is abuzz with debate on the 2014 football World Cup

Almawave: with the group stages completed, Twitter is abuzz with debate on the 2014 football World Cup


Over 71,000,000 tweets analysed in six different languages

Over 71,000,000 tweets analysed in six different languages; well over 53 million in the group stages alone.
The most talked about national squad is Argentina (16% of conversations). Italy is fourth.
With 2 million followers, Messi is highest in the Twitter rankings, with Pirlo leading the field for the Italians (66.2%)

Rome, 27 June 2014 – Almawave, the technology innovation company within the AlmavivA Group continues its Social Analysis Brazil 2014, its real-time monitoring of the mood on social networks and, more specifically, that of Twitter users on the World Cup. The World Cup contagion has affected everyone. This is evident from the 71 million tweets in six different languages that were analysed by Almawave between 13 May and 27 June; while 53 million tweets were analysed in the group stages alone from 12 to 27 June.

The issue receiving the most attention on Twitter is the sporting event in the strict sense (88% of tweets), where the football itself is analysed and discussed. The Argentinian national side is the most talked about with 16.2% of tweets, followed by Brazil (11.5%) and England (11%). Italy lies fourth in the ranking with 9.7%.

Moving on to the most mentioned world star players, at the top of the leader board is the exceptional Argentinian Lionel Messi (8.4%), who has excited the imagination of the Twitter population with his play. The Brazilian talent Neymar comes in second (5.1%), followed by English player Rooney (3%).
In fourth position is the Uruguayan Luis Suarez (2.4%), who climbed up the board following him biting Chiellini, and subsequently receiving a four-month ban from the football pitch. The first to appear in the global rankings for the Italians is Andrea Pirlo in sixth position, with 2.2%.

In the rankings of the Italian players only, Pirlo dominates the list. The social network population recognises the worth of this outstanding player, who takes first place with 66.2% of conversations, way ahead of Mario Balotelli (13%) and Gigi Buffon (6.5%).

Finally, Spain's elimination attracted a great deal of discussion: the most talked about of the managers for this World Cup so far has been the Spaniard Del Bosque with 15.5%, followed by English manager Hodgson (10.9%) and the Dutchman Van Gaal (7.9%). Prandelli only featured in sixth place with 6% of tweets.

On the issues related to the event, 42% of the most discussed topics refer to the media and sporting personalities, together with the television broadcasters, sponsors, Heads of State and sports management. These are followed by the organisation (34.7%), the economy (9.3%), tourism (8.7%) and social issues (5.3%).

The World Cup gets everyone excited, and the Brazilian World Cup is the most social and tweeted about of them all, with plenty of discussion and debate on the “elimination of the top teams” in the group stages.