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AlmavivA presents its ICT solutions for intermodality and integrated logistics systems at the VI Edition of PORT&SHIPPINGTECH

AlmavivA presents its ICT solutions for intermodality and integrated logistics systems at the VI Edition of PORT&SHIPPINGTECH


Naples, Maritime Station, 26-27 June 2014


AlmavivA presents its best maritime practices at the PORT&SHIPPINGTECH International Forum, focusing on “Innovation and cooperation for the development of the maritime cluster in the Mediterranean”, held in Naples on 26 and 27 June 2014, as part of Naples Shipping Week (http://www.nsweek.com).

This event, that focuses entirely on the culture and economy of the sea, makes Naples the world capital of shipping for the week running from 23 to 28 June.

During the event, AlmavivA presents its Cloud-based Smart Logistic solutions for intermodal logistics, with particular reference to port logistics, designed to be integrated with the railways sector, the National Logistics Platform and the relevant controlling authorities, such as the Customs Agency, Port Authorities, Finance Police and Health Authorities.

Smeraldo Fiorentini, Deputy General Manager of AlmavivA's Transportation Division explains that "Our mission is to make available complete solutions that respond to the needs of market operators and support the development of the Logistics and Transport sector, that is vital for the economic development of our country." In a presentation entitled "Integrated Windows: ICT Solutions for intermodality and integrated logistics systems",

Alessandro Chierico, Manager of AlmavivA's Logistics Production Unit, highlights the strategic importance, in a context of international competition, of reducing time frames and facilitating the exchange of information among all stakeholders operating in the logistics sector in order to benefit operations.

AlmavivA is the ideal technology partner for the Transport sector, for developing ICT solutions to support logistics systems, with the ability to manage and integrate complex operating platforms and the specialised skills in the field and in operating processes. All of this with a view to optimising the sustainable distribution of goods from their source through to their final destination, while paying close attention to the complexity of the national logistics system and integration requirements set by the country system.

HyperCED® AlmavivA

AlmavivA's DPFs are powerful and reliable, and respond to the increasing need for flexibility, containing infrastructure costs and providing access to data in real time. They are able to guarantee all outsourced ICT services 24/7, 365 days a year, with maximum service levels (in terms of availability and performance) to ensure disaster recovery and business continuity. In addition to traditional outsourcing services, AlmavivA also provides its customers with a new generation data centre called HyperCed®, which, with its innovative cloud-based architecture, offers IT services (access to the internet, servers, memory, CPU, storage) in IaaS mode (Infrastructure-as-a-Service).

The information systems hosted already include those for the Italian State Railways Group, where AlmavivA has been managing their IT on an outsourcing basis since 1996, and the Port Authorities in Genoa, where AlmavivA manages their telematic port system, e-Port.