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AlmavivA Contact: the agreement opens up a new phase of revitalization

AlmavivA Contact: the agreement opens up a new phase of revitalization


AlmavivA Contact: the agreement opens up a new phase of revitalization

Rome, 31 May 2016 - The revitalization of AlmavivA Contact on the Italian CRM services market and the structural reorganization of the call center industry.

These are the lines of action of the agreement concluded today with the Trade Union organizations at the Ministry for Economic Development, aimed at ensuring and verifying the conditions for the necessary industrial rebalancing of the Company, offering a responsible solution for the employee redundancy procedure initiated on 21 March.

Conditions and solution that, over the next eighteen months will be monitored by the Ministry for Economic Development, together with the social partners, to check the Company’s employment and production trends on a monthly basis.

The Deputy Minister Teresa Bellanova, who represented the government, played a decisive role in the negotiations, directly following the entire process with intense attention and participation.

The agreement opens up an important challenge for AlmavivA Contact, which will be accompanied by the introduction and gradual phasing out of social shock-absorbing mechanisms, oriented at supporting the business relaunching program and recovering the Company’s competitive edge, starting with the measures for the valorization of the proprietary technological assets, the improvement of process efficiency, the requalification of the professional competences and profiles.

The process will require an important role to be played by the central and local authorities in the matter and is closely linked to the renewed responsibility of the Government in urgently tackling the distortions that are stifling the call center industry in Italy, by ensuring the implementation of certain and respected rules.

This is what the commitment by the newly appointed Minister for Economic Development, Mr. Carlo Calenda, aims to achieve, by looking into the most serious problems affecting the Company and the entire sector, as soon as possible.

The agreement will be submitted to the Board of Directors of the Company in the forthcoming hours.