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AlmavivA partners with Pisa University’s Master’s Program in Big Data Analytics & Social Mining

AlmavivA partners with Pisa University’s Master’s Program in Big Data Analytics & Social Mining


Today, Almawave attends the inaugural conference of the Master’s program

AlmavivA has announced that it will be supporting Pisa University’s Master in Big Data Analytics & Social Mining, in partnership with the CNR and the SoBigData Laboratory, for yet another academic year (2015-2015).

The project tackles the challenge of training data scientists, new professionals who combine multidisciplinary skills in order to collect data and mine information, in support of the decision-making process, creativity and the development of innovative services.

AlmavivA Group is one of Italy’s top ICT players, with an international vocation in CRM, Big Data Knowledge Management and Customer Experience, and the parent company AlmavivA has a longstanding commitment to broadening and innovating application cooperation services and interoperability between Public Administration system, as a partner to AgID for developing the digital Agenda.

This broadening course also hinges on Open Data and Big Data, which are cornerstones in the offering of Almawave – the Group’s technology innovation company – with the aim of enhancing the transparency and fitness for use of the information, creating new services for individuals and businesses and increasing the smart capacity of the Public Administration’s information assets.

Businesses and institutions will be meeting today at the inaugural conference of the Master’s program, at the Department of Informatics of Pisa University. Almawave’s Mr. Giuseppe Militello will be representing the Group.

Pisa University’s degree programs, which feature intensive collaboration with the partner companies and internships, target brilliant young people from different backgrounds, but who all share the same academic interest in multi-disciplinary approaches, aimed at combining the study of the founding – technological, analytical, narrative and ethical – elements of data science and fieldwork in projects for creatively exploiting big data for innovation purposes.

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