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Rome, 24 October 2016 - MAXXI Museum of XXI century art

Rome, 24 October 2016 - MAXXI Museum of XXI century art


AlmavivA holds its DevOps Day: IT in step with Business, the industry leaders meet up to discuss the state of the art

An event dedicated to the DevOps method is held today at the MAXXI Museum in Rome, organized by Italy’s number one ICT company, in partnership with the industry leaders

Rome, 24 October 2016 – Processes, culture, quality, people – these are the three cornerstones of the new DevOps approach. Thanks to AlmavivA, in partnership with CA Technologies, Cisco, IBM, OutSystems and Red Hat, the leading companies in the industry will meet up today at the MAXXI Museum of XXI century art, in Rome, at the DevOps Day, to discuss the distinctive values of the method: streamlined operation, supply continuity and teamwork.

DevOps – which is a contraction of Dev (development) and Ops (operations) – consists of an innovatory method for software development, which exploits sharing and collective collaboration to design, test and release applications designed for organizations, in either conventional in cloud environments.

“The DevOps method is the future that’s already here, so we felt that it was absolutely necessary to sponsor an event that brings together a range of industry experts and operators – said Nunzio Calì, Deputy General Manager of the IT Operations Department of AlmavivA – with the aim to implement and speed up performance through the integration of application and operations development processes, placing the entire IT supply chain at the service of businesses and government. This is a field in which we at AlmavivA, with our AlmaToolBox platform, already play a leading and growing role”.

With DevOps we can develop software products and services rapidly and efficiently, based on a collaborative, open and transparent culture. The cornerstone is streamlined operation, continued supply, sharing and interaction by interfunctional teams, involving both government bodies and private organizations.

AlmavivA’s key DevOps solution is the AlmaToolBox platform, a mix of methods, IT tools and Change Management operations for both the public and private sectors.