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2020 plants for 2020. AlmavivA participates in ‘M’illumino di meno’

2020 plants for 2020. AlmavivA participates in ‘M’illumino di meno’


AlmavivA is participating once again in “M’illumino di meno”, the day in favor of energy savings and sustainable lifestyles which is held on 6 March this year.

The Radio2 Caterpillar show, which promotes the event, talked about it on Friday. This year it is dedicated to increasing the number of trees, plants and greenery that surrounds us.

AlmavivA is planting 20 Prunus Kansas trees at the Group’s two Roman sites, which join the 2000 avocado, orange and mango trees it is planting in Guatemala, with a project that focuses on the environment, combating the climate crisis and sustaining the local population.

Two thousand trees let us compensate for 561,000 KG/CO2, the impact of 224,400 hamburgers, and support 40 families of farmers. And, in the small AlmavivA forest, which will expand in the coming years, each tree is geolocalized so that growth of the plant can be checked at any time.

Because a tree is the most natural and effective “technology” for combating the climate crisis. And AlmavivA knows a little something about technology.

For more information, go to the zero CO2 partner page dedicated to the AlmavivA project and the Caterpillar page dedicated to the "M’illumino di meno" initiative.