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IoT Edge Node: the research project co-financed by AlmavivA e and the Trento Autonomous Province

IoT Edge Node: the research project co-financed by AlmavivA e and the Trento Autonomous Province


Energy monitoring services and systems control through flexible and reliable connectivity in an Open Platform: this is the end goal of the “IoT Edge Node” research project, awarded to AlmavivA by the Trento Autonomous Province in the area of Notice No. 7/2017 “Aids for the promotion of research and Development”, for total costs of € 891,795 and contribution to the expenditure of € 378,006..

In late January 2020, the results of the project will be presented: a functioning End to End prototype, focusing on three primary contexts for use: transportation, enterprises and public administration.

Reduced dimensions, a high grade of connectivity, low energy consumption and, above all, the ability to place the systems and protocols in communication with one another with Open protocols. These are the main characteristics of an instrument designed to favor the growth of competitiveness of the Italian Company System. In fact, with IoT Edge Node, all the organizations of an ecosystem, including the small and medium size ones, can easily access digital innovation through a bi-directional, de-centralized marketplace in which third parties make their hardware and software products available.

For the integration of heterogeneous sensors, the project is used in the development of an appliance which will extend the AlmavivA IoT GIOTTO® platform. Advanced analytics and alerting systems guarantee security and data certification.

This project reinforces the AlmavivA’s collaboration with the Trento Autonomous Province, an organization that is ahead of the technological trends of the region and which has proven its ability to create a particularly fertile humus for the digital transportation where public agencies, research centers, small and medium sized enterprises and large companies can operate in strong and effective synergy.