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Cyber security, Confindustria: “What country strategy to protect companies?”

Cyber security, Confindustria: “What country strategy to protect companies?”


A speech on the Digital Agenda by Alberto Tripi, the Confindustria delegate for cyber security and President of AlmavivA

“The digital security issue demands an all-round commitment and supranational solutions. We must also move beyond the logic of ‘stand-alone’ systems”. It is the entire ecosystem that must be made secure: technologies, machines and people. This, then, is how Confindustria is tackling the issue.

If all production sectors use the Internet for activities related to Industry 4.0, digitalisation constitutes the essential driver for making the central and local public administration bodies more up-to-date and efficient. In this situation, the new technologies must be able to guarantee reliability and continuity at a physical and logical level while, on the other hand, operators and lawmakers must be sensitive to privacy and security issues.

Confindustria is tackling the cyber security challenge by regarding actions linked to the security of technological devices and critical infrastructures on par with activities geared towards training and requalifying personnel, on account of the fact that adequately trained human resources are a prerequisite for an effective IT security strategy in companies.

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