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Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacker

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Today, we want to continue pursuing this path, because there is no great company without great professionals.

Ethical Hacker

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The field of cyber security, currently characterized by significant consolidation and growth in the public and private sectors, is divided into specialized groups in which experienced professionals work together to defend their clients’ businesses in both the digital and physical worlds.

The experience acquired in consulting, and the results of research and development activities, have given rise to proprietary solutions through which Almaviva supports its clients.

In the field of cyber threat intelligence, Almaviva has created Joshua - CybeRisk Vision, a service that has made it possible to analysis the top 500 Italian SMEs according to their revenue.

The ideal candidate has a scientific education, a propensity for cyber security issues, and has been involved in ethical hacking for at least three years. Specifically:

  • Experience in the vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of both infrastructure and internet and mobile applications
  • Extensive knowledge of networking (i.e.: ARP, IP, TCP, UDP, NAT, VPN, WiFi, etc.) with enumeration, fingerprinting, and attack simulation capabilities, like, for example, Spoofing and Man In The Middle
  • Extensive knowledge of the primary *nix (i.e.: RedHat, CentOS, Android, Kali, DEFT) and Microsoft (Enterprise and Home) operating systems, with the ability to perform computer forensic analysis
  • Experience using the primary security assessment tools (i.e.: tools collected in the Kali Linux distribution), with an ability to analyze the results aimed at the detection of false positives, tuning, and operational enhancement
  • Ability to exploit primary Internet vulnerabilities (SQL injection, including blind type; cross-site scripting, including stored type; cross-site request forgery, broken authentication, broken access control, etc.)
  • Knowledge of the OWASP testing guide standard and the MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • Knowledge of the primary programming and scripting languages (i.e.: C, Java, Bash, Python, Javascript, PHP, Powershell, Perl)
  • Additional experience in at least one of the following vertical fields: code review, hardware assessment, threat intelligence.

The ideal candidate also has:

  • Experience in digital communications (websites, blogs, magazines, newsletters)
  • Experience in service and/or product presentations
  • Cear exposition and ability to identify and develop the key elements of a solution.

Preference will be given to those with certifications in the field of cyber security (i.e.: OSCP, CEH).

Interested applicants of either sex (Law 903/77) can send their resumes indicating the note in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 on the protection of personal data.

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