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LIT - Live Information Technology

LIT - Live Information Technology

Italian-style Digital Customer Management for the Asian market

LIT is the first Chinese-Italian joint venture for the CRM market.

LIT is the first Chinese-Italian joint venture for the CRM market. Based in Shanghai, LIT (Live Information Technology) is the product of an agreement between AlmavivA and CCID (China Centre for Information Industry Development), a company controlled by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This is more than a contract, it is the meeting of two cultures desirous of carving out a niche for themselves in a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment.

LIT chose to settle in the strategically placed and bustling city of Shanghai, the perfect springboard for future growth all over China. It has opened a series of operational sites in the business heart of the city, manning them with professional experts specialized in outsourcing and advisory services: Customer-relationship management, business-process outsourcing for contact Centers, information-technology outsourcing and knowledge-process outsourcing.

The Company is set to become the main outsourced-services provider in China, offering superlative technologies and top-end customer support. Its range of action relates primarily to the provision of advisory services to large-scale Chinese enterprise and international organizations operating in various sectors: public administration, finance, telecommunications, consumer electronics, transportation and agriculture.

A few figures at a global level


operator workstations globally


personnel selection and training centers worldwide


Contact Centers that use natural language interpretation technologies for customer engagement in 3 continents

600 mln

multi-channel interactions and analyses in natural language with customers


customer interactions managed each month


voice interactions analysed each month


languages supported


LIT Management

Gianfranco Previtera


Key clients

China Mobile



LIT (Live Information Technology)
Head office
7th floor
No.126 Jiang Chang San Rd
Zhabei District
Shanghai 200020

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