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AlmavivA Contact

AlmavivA Contact

Excellence in Digital Customer Management

AlmavivA Contact has been operating in Italy since 1983, providing BPO and customer experience services to private companies and public entities.

AlmavivA Contact is able to understand and effectively respond to any customer requirements, offering innovative digital customer management services and solutions for end-to-end management of the customer, thanks to the analysis of the service performance. Quality, digital training, real-time detection and performance analytics are the keywords of a service that transforms every contact into a valuable experience.

The value of personal contact, the power of technological innovation: a unique strategy.


Multi-Channel Customer Management

A comprehensive vision of the customer journey based on the analysis of natural and multi-channel language

Sales Management

An effective, customised and transparent process to boost sales and satisfy customers

Credit Collection

An efficient process that uses automation, artificial intelligence and new-generation business intelligence

Technology Support

Efficiency starts with process automation and a new management model for operations

Trade Marketing

An innovative model for managing processes to constantly improve business results and enhance productivity

Marketing Research

New tools for marketing, operations, sales and quality to aid the decision-making process

Back-Office Management

A new frontier for the efficiency of operations



Business Insights

Transforming experience, processes and business with the power of natural language to transform experience and understand the customer’s voice

Advance Performance Analysis

An innovative model to understand the quality of operations and continuously improve the service processes

Marketing Campaign & Survey Automation

New approaches in the automatic interpretation of the customer’s voice

Front-End & Back-Office Automation

Integrated multi-channel front-end operations based on natural language

Chatbot & Natural Language IVR

Self-experience and the power of natural language so that the customer is never left alone

Knowledge Management

The efficacy of semantic research to rapidly recover the correct information

Virtual Training

Enhancing expertise and diversity to generate value and business efficiency


A few figures at a global level


operator workstations globally


personnel selection and training centers worldwide


Contact Centers that use natural language interpretation technologies for customer engagement in 3 continents

600 mln

multi-channel interactions and analyses in natural language with customers


customer interactions managed each month


voice interactions analysed each month


languages supported


AlmavivA Contact Management

Andrea Antonelli


AlmavivA Contact Management

Mirko Giannetti


Key clients

Alitalia Loyalty

Alitalia SAI



American Express Carte France

American Express Services Europe



FCA Fleet&Tenders

Fondazione Enasarco



Italian Diplomatic Academy


Siemens Healthineers




TIM - Wireline

Gestore dei Servizi Energetici - GSE


Wind Tre


A people-centered technology

Managing a Contact Center with over 500 million contacts a year at a global level has led AlmavivA Contact to implement and propose innovative solutions to value the communication between the company and customers at all times. The strength of the AlmavivA Group solutions lies in the implementation of Almawave proprietary people-centered technology, based on the comprehension of natural language.

The customer’s voice: the new dimension of business analysis

The “people-centered” platform of Almawave based on natural language is driving a true revolution in the understanding of customer experience and in business analysis, by providing a valuable perspective that had previously been lacking.

Voice of the Customer, Customer Engagement, Conversational Platforms & Advanced Analytics

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AlmavivA Contact s.p.a.
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