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Use Case

The tourism sector in Sicily makes up 15% of the regional GNP and supports thousands of companies and workers. In order to favor an upturn in tourist operations and employment, severely penalized following the containment measures implemented to tackle the expansion of the Covid-19 pandemic, procedures for achieving an innovative measure have been launched.

Advanced purchase of tourism services by the Region

Instead of distributing funds and subsidies to the struggling companies, the local government has designed an initiative that allows an injection of cash into the entire tourism chain and promotes the flow of visitors as soon as travel can be resumed.

SeeSicily includes the purchase by the Region of tourism services - hotel bookings, excursions, guided tours, dives, and also tickets for museum and monument hubs - which will be sold by operators in the tourism industry based on their turnover, obtaining the much-needed cash flow fundamental to get through this time of emergency.

The services purchased by the Region will be made available to approved Tour Operators and Travel Agencies, which will transform them into vouchers to be distributed freely to tourists who book vacations in the Region.

Increasing, diversifying and deseasonalizing the tourist flows: Almaviva alongside the Region of Sicily

For the Sicilian Region, Almaviva created, in record time, a flexible and reliable platform which supports all the stages of the process: from the submission of the requests by operators in the tourism industry to managing the inquiry (simplified and automated thanks to application cooperation protocols), to the creation and distribution of the vouchers.

The platform integrates a Monitoring Dashboard that lets Region operators to check on the services and packages distributed via voucher in real time, as well as the residual services and, above all, the contribution generated by the promotional vouchers.

This means that the Region will be able to monitor the progress of the project and the return on the significant investment made to support the tourism industry.

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