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Overcoming fragmentation with tailor-made solutions

Mobility, interoperability and cooperation among bodies, health, services to citizens and outsourcing of information systems. The local Public Administration groups numerous entities characterised by highly diversified dimensions, requirements, responsibilities, purchasing power and catchment areas. AlmavivA intervenes to resolve this fragmentation, by responding to the needs of the various realities making up the local public sector fabric with a package ranging from the implementation of infrastructures and platforms to the creation and management of high-quality solutions and services for citizens.

SPC, the gateway to the future

Offering increasingly innovative services, with the right emphasis on containing costs. This is the crucial challenge facing the local public administration, which is called upon to tackle stringent demands – from containing public expenditure to developing the Digital Agenda.

The System of Public Connectivity, as set up by AgID and Consip in accordance with the Europe 2020 Strategy, is crucial to promoting the new strategic model of the PA with regard to simplification and inclusion. Thanks to rapid and efficient procedures that rationalise time and costs, AlmavivA develops digital services centred on the citizen, in a new national framework that defines the technological infrastructures, rules and instruments for a new PA.

Innovation at the service of people

At long last citizens and companies are able to interact with the Public Administration in an easy, rapid and innovative way. The challenge is to connect the entire public digital system, making the portals interoperable and focusing the strategy on people. It will be the PA bodies that will interact with one another to ensure people have a straightforward and quick approach. With a simple click.

Creating new portals and new online services for the PA is the challenge posed by SPC Cloud Batch 4, which AlmavivA won as the leader of the temporary association of companies, which also includes Almawave, Indra and Pwc.

A single app for instant interaction with the PA

The entire Public Administration “within reach of a smartphone” through mobile devices and applications. This means, for example, a mobile app for smart and integrated access to services of the entire public system, so that citizens can readily have all the information of the single administration bodies, including the deadline calendar and documents concerning them: certificates, payment receipts, statements, etc.

A distant future? On the contrary, a desire that can immediately turn into reality.