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The keyword is transformation: from data to knowledge

For data to be converted into knowledge, it must be acquired from all communication channels and then processed with systems and applications capable of generating and analysing information interpreted against the cultural, social and business backdrops.

The AlmavivA Group invests in technologies, research, innovation, platforms, skills and strategic partnerships to make this information ever more concrete and usable, and contextualised and valued in relation to the perception and needs of the user, customer, communities and market.

Smart territories use this new knowledge to improve their decision-making with regard to safety, energy consumption, waste treatment, mobility, healthcare, education and much more.

Tools to interpret complexity

IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data e Advanced Analytics, Mobile & Wearable Device Technology, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Smart Sensor. Today’s world is increasingly complex.

The AlmavivA solutions provide local public administrations with tools to help them interpret it. Because innovation goes beyond mere technological progress. This is clear to anyone, like AlmavivA, engaged in providing services that tangibly improve the lives of citizens.

SPC, the gateway to the future

Offering increasingly innovative services, with the right emphasis on containing costs. This is the crucial goal facing the local public administration, which is called upon to tackle stringent demands – from containing public expenditure to developing the Digital Agenda. The System of Public Connectivity, as set up by AgID and Consip in accordance with the Europe 2020 Strategy, is crucial to promoting the new strategic model of the public administration with regard to simplification and inclusion.

Thanks to rapid and efficient procedures that rationalise time and costs, AlmavivA develops digital services centred on the citizen, in a new national framework that defines the technological infrastructures, rules and instruments for a new public administration.