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Digital Healthcare

Digital Healthcare

Rethinking the healthcare ecosystem through a People-centered model

From Telemedicine to Connected Health, the concept of digital healthcare is constantly evolving, according to a holistic vision based on the centrality of the person.

Digital technologies play a fundamental role in transforming care and health processes, from clinical and diagnostic to organizational and logistical aspects, ensuring flexibility to the system and freeing up resources.

Big Data and Machine Learning

Today Artificial Intelligence systems have reached a level of technological maturity that allows their application in the healthcare world, with careful consideration of the legal, privacy, and ethical implications of their use.

Transforming care systems into a path between automation, integration and regulatory compliance is AlmavivA's commitment, which accompanies digital growth in key sectors of the country.

The experience of the Vimercate hospital has enhanced the use of predictive algorithms in multiple medical branches. Thanks to the implementation of a structured architecture of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics, powered by the health information heritage of the Healthcare Provider, AlmavivA has developed, with a multidisciplinary approach, a range of predictive solutions to support medical and hospital staff in the management of social and health care processes.

Case Study

Artificial Intelligence at the Service of Healthcare

AlmavivA and the hospital company Asst Vimercate are experimenting with the use of Artificial Intelligence to follow patients' lives. The objective is to predict the evolution of chronic diseases and the risk of infections with the help of algorithms.

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AlmavivA: a digital healthcare company standing between citizens and healthcare government

We have created technological solutions for Programming Authorities, ASL/AUSL/ATS, Hospitals, Regions for the digital transformation and automation of complex processes, including: integration platforms in HealthCare Enterprise contexts, development of AI and Machine Learning models usable by diagnostic and prognostic systems in multiple treatment paths, and Apps and portals for medical staff and citizens.

With reference to the latter, even in the post-pandemic need to limit patient access to hospitals, we have created solutions that redesign the reception of the citizen in the hospital health and administrative path.

AlmavivA proposes a complete offer for the health sector, which is currently complemented by smart working for job security and respect for social distancing.

In the AlmavivA vision, the public health model must put citizens squarely at the center of the scene and act according to their needs for interaction with the National Health System, along four dimensions, and according to a perspective in which the patient becomes part of their own treatment.

prevention and lifestyles

access to healthcare systems

treatment in specialized centers

home healthcare follow-up



AlmavivA has been working to evolve the healthcare model from hospital-centric to patient-centric, with a focus on prevention, proactive care and better management of chronic diseases, both oncological and age-related.

"Zero-patient" is the ideal goal in this process of reducing hospitalization. This model both prevents the worsening of chronic diseases - Italy’s current population is 24 million, 85% of whom are over 75 years of age - and deepens our knowledge about the mechanisms and risk factors that lead to the development of these diseases, guaranteeing the population, as far as possible, healthy ageing.

Blockchain technology to support healthcare data

Since 2017 AlmavivA has been implementing solutions for the traceability and immutability of data using Blockchain technology.

In the healthcare world this technology finds its applicability for example in “Health Cards” that facilitate the management of patient data - reports, analyses, invoices, ... - and in the services of caregivers in the healthcare system, public and private, which guarantees traceability and authenticity.

The definition of a new decentralized, uninterrupted, and comprehensive architectural and interoperability model for the entire health care ecosystem, ensures the most effective way at facing challenges, especially where the coexistence of multiple cooperating realities requires a shared, open and flexible solution involving the collaboration of various actors.

Blockchain for Health Care

A new response to the need to govern change in the world of healthcare as well

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