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Workload design and migration in a hybrid multi-cloud scenario for Local Gov

Workload design and migration in a hybrid multi-cloud scenario for Local Gov

Case Study

The search for maximum flexibility, cost control and security substantially influences the cloud market, shaping constantly evolving solutions and proposals.

The future of IT is made up of hybrid environments - diverse and intercommunicating combinations of public and private clouds - and multi-clouds, environments orchestrated with one another, provided by different providers and used for diversified purposes.

Which solution to choose? There is no right or wrong approach. It depends on the IT needs of each individual organization. And the capacity for integration of those who, like Almaviva, know how to design distribution models that favor any application scenario and construct end-to-end services tailored to the needs of the customer.

Aria SpA chose the hybrid multi-cloud

The first to experience the hybrid multi-cloud model was the former Lombardia Informatica, now Aria SpA: the technological arm of the Lombardy region chose a temporary joint venture led by Almaviva to store its data, especially the regional health care system data, on various clouds in order to prevent the operating systems from locking up. Instead of relying on a single supplier, through Almaviva, the Lombardy region customer will rely on the services of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Virtustream.

A just-in-time formula, without weighing down a single service, but spacing out from one provider to another

The advantages of the multi-cloud strategy




No vendor lock-in


The multi-cloud fully meets the flexibility and workload management demands, thanks to its ability to compartmentalize tasks, environments and applications

The multi-cloud adds another level of depth to the ability to protect data and provide service continuity

The multi-cloud allows for economic savings, opting for more affordable solutions depending on the individual goal

The multi-cloud avoids excessive dependency on one provider, one of the biggest problems for CTOs when they have to choose a Cloud strategy


An Italy-wide pilot tender

The tender is expected to be a pilot on the national level in line with the national plan launched by the Agency for a Digital Italy, which anticipates the creation of strategic hubs where public administration data can be centralized, in order to “switch off” the more than 20 thousand cells of ministries, municipalities and universities, managing everything on the Cloud with the best cybersecurity procedures and data and application recovery procedures, as well as data recovery in the event of an infrastructure collapse.

«With a click, a traditional model is broken», Almaviva GM Antonio Amati assures

A public data control center

The solution Aria selected allows all the different and numerous cloud providers to be used through the contacts of the JV – in addition to lead partner Almaviva, Lutech and Reply – without abandoning the government center and data control, planning and rendering of the services, but rather reinforcing them through a HUB that remains public property.

Aria therefore takes on the role of orchestrator in the name and on behalf of the regional and local public administration in a project where the national assets remain firmly in the hands of the public while taking advantage of the best market opportunities.

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