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Use Case

In the AlmavivA vision, technology should help every single citizen to live better and the administrators to govern the complexity with suitable tools, beginning with the challenges faced in the size of big cities and urban ecosystems, emergencies included.

Accompanying the development of a Smart City demands strong know-how in all the technologies that make up the tool of digital transformation. AI and IoT that are at the base of this transformation are, in turn, complex technological ecosystems made up of Big Data, Networking, Enterprise Integration, parallel calculation and cybersecurity. This is why the strong specific know-how must be joined by the fundamental challenge of the ability to orchestrate constantly evolving technologies and services, balancing stability and innovativeness, modeling technology to the specific use case and domain, as well as guaranteeing interoperability between systems.

Digital, development lever in Messina “city that lives”

The city of Messina is increasingly more ‘smart’. Thanks in part to the IoT platform created by AlmavivA that analyzes the data from hundreds of sensors throughout the territory, monitoring the weather, pollution, noise and the risk of landslides, but also the quality of potable water and the general mood of private citizens on social networks.

MEsM@RT is the name of the project initiated by the Local Government, in collaboration with AlmavivA, to transform Messina into a “city that lives”, able to integrate and meet the needs of the residents, placing technological innovation at the service of the common good.

The city’s greater capacity for resilience and planning

The purpose of MeSm@rt is to create an ecosystem in support of the local government and the territorial agencies. The goal is to guarantee the city a greater capacity for resilience and planning through a series of informative services on the territory’s state of health.

Urban Services-Video surveillance

Urban Services-Water distribution cycle

Monitoring of the Territory

Environmental monitoring

Control Room System


Algorithms capable of aggregating, transforming and analyzing data from extremely diverse sources. From data to knowledge. And so, AlmavivA has helped the city of Messina outfit itself with an entirely new ability to monitor the territory, in support of the local government, in a model of economic, social and cultural development, all worthy of replication.

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