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Use Case

Almaviva believes that technology must help every single person to live better and must give administrators the tools to manage complex situations, starting with the challenges posed by the size of large cities and urban ecosystems, including emergencies.

Guiding the development of a “smart city” requires strong skills in all of the technologies on which digital transformation hinges. AI and IoT, which are at the basis of this transformation, are, in turn, complex technological ecosystems made up of big data, networking, enterprise integration, parallel computing, and cybersecurity. That’s why strong and specific know-how must be accompanied by the fundamental challenge of coordinating these constantly evolving technologies and services, balancing stability and innovation, modeling technologies to the use case and specific domain, and guaranteeing interoperability between systems.

Going Digital: a Lever for Development in Messina, the “City that Lives”

The city of Messina is increasingly “smart”, also thanks to the IoT platform created by Almaviva, which analyzes data from hundreds of sensors in the area, monitoring weather, pollution, noise, and risk of landslides, as well as the quality of the drinking water.

MEsM@RT is the name of the project which the city government has developed in collaboration with Almaviva, a project that seeks to transform Messina into a “city that lives”, capable of interacting with residents and responding to their needs, making technological innovation serve the common good.

Greater Resilience and an Improved Capacity for City Planning

MesM@RT aims to create an ecosystem that supports the local authorities and government. The objective is to make the city more resilient and provide it with an improved capacity for city planning, through a series of services which provide information on the state of health in the Region.

Urban Services - Video Surveillance

Urban Services - Water Distribution Cycle

Monitoring of the Region

Monitoring of the Environment

Control Room System


Algorithms capable of putting together, transforming, and analyzing data from extremely diverse sources: from data to knowledge. In this way Almaviva has helped the city of Messina to acquire a completely new ability to monitor the territory, providing support to the government and creating a model of economic, social, and cultural development to be emulated.

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