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Campania Cultura: the first Made in Italy digital ecosystem for cultural heritage

Campania Cultura: the first Made in Italy digital ecosystem for cultural heritage

Use Case

A unique experiment in our country, one that brings together, in a single platform, the great archaeological, archival, bibliographic, cinematographic, musical, historical-artistic, and theatrical cultural heritage of a region. This is Campania Cultura, the first Made in Italy digital ecosystem for cultural heritage.

The project’s impressive figures


complete transpositions of physical exhibits into a 3D environment


IoT sensors: temperature, moisture, brightness, and people count


sensors for ensuring the safety of works of art


sensors for monitoring traffic within the Via Duomo regional museums ecosystem


3D reconstructions


360° photographs of locations


Regional Center for Cultural Heritage catalog cards migrated to the cloud


pages scanned from antique books


papers/reels from archival documents


digital photographs of manuscripts, parchments, atlases, etc. for the library section


digital photographs for the archive section, including maps, copper plates, and municipal documentation


The fulcrum of a strategy that aims to construct a digital ecosystem which embraces the region’s cultural heritage in its entirety, with this project Campania showcases its excellence and opens a first-of-its-kind museum in Italy.

Campania Cultura has created the first museum that monitors environmental parameters, both physical and in terms of visitor frequency, in order to safeguard works of art and create the first cultural heritage website in Italy with 360° immersive technology.

Almaviva Group for Campania Cultura

As a digital partner, Almaviva assisted in the creation of Campania Cultura’s IoT ecosystem, while PerVoice, a subsidiary of the group, oversaw the multi-service voice technology platform, for the purposes of multilingual indexing and searchability of traditionally "non-digital" content and for the creation of an innovative and accessible way to enjoy the vast patrimony of information.

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