The country’s digital growth starts from the city

From metropolitan cities to small municipalities, digital growth cannot overlook the importance of local communities. Citizens must be able to feel that, in their life and in pursuing their goals, the urban dimension, its administration, and the network of public and private components forming it can constitute a powerful enabling platform.

A challenge made of savings and quality services

Offering increasingly innovative services, with the right emphasis on containing costs. This is the crucial challenge facing the local public administration, which is called upon to tackle stringent demands – from containing public expenditure to developing the Digital Agenda.

Innovation at the service of people

The public connectivity system represents the gateway to the future. At long last citizens and companies are able to interact with the Public Administration in an easy, rapid and innovative way.

The financial and contractual instruments are already available. As are the technologies and good practices. Be they central administration bodies, Regions, metropolitan cities or small municipalities, adhering to the SPC framework agreements is easy and guarantees high qualitative standards and considerable savings. Need more information?

Lotto 4 Public Connectivity System

Government portal and supply management Creation and management of portals, apps, websites and Web applications

A few figures of the AlmavivA experience


rail and tram companies, 770 buses and 100,000 smart cards managed by the MITT mobility system


accredited ISPs, 65 racks (12 high-density racks), 700 virtual machines and 106 TB storage in the HyperTIX data center


Provinces, 62 Municipalities, 12 Local Health Company, 4 hospitals, 3 Organizations for Technical-Administrative Services to Vast Areas (ESTAV) and 17 Consortiums of Mountain Municipalities adhering to C.A.R.T.

20 m

messages per month and 130 application domains managed by C.A.R.T.

10 m

Regional Services Cards (CRS) produced and delivered to Lombardy’s citizens


Overcoming fragmentation with tailor-made solutions

A package ranging from the implementation of infrastructures and platforms to the creation and management of high-quality solutions and services for citizens.

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