Towards a sustainable transformation

Digital transformation makes a well-acknowledged contribution to sustainable development, serving as an enabler in the implementation of solutions and projects in various sectors.

Digital technology & Society

Digital technology enables widespread prosperity that is more just, sustainable, and accessible

Digital technology & Environment

Digital technology has a direct impact on energy consumption, but also makes it possible to increase the energy system’s overall environmental sustainability

Digital technology & Economy

Digital technology is one of the primary levers of international competitiveness. It contributes both to the Country's economic growth and to increasing corporate productivity

Goals of the Ecological Transition

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan represents a unique opportunity for Italy's economic and social growth.

The Ecological Transition Plan has been developed according to the NRRP’s objectives and establishes economic levers and policies in order to meet the challenges posed by the Green Deal and the Paris Agreement by 2050.

Climate neutrality

Protection of biodiversity

Circular economy and bio-economy

Adaptation to climate change

Zero pollution


The digital contribution

Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and the use of platforms and Big Data: these are catalysts for innovation. Current technologies have a wide range of applications in fields related to sustainability.

Habitat restoration

Reduction in energy waste

Clean energy

Autonomous vehicles

Recovery and reuse of materials

Smart cities

Smart buildings

Sustainable land use

Filtering and capturing of emissions

Pollution sensors

Disaster management systems

Real-time urban management

Automated waste management

Resilient infrastructure

Pollution monitoring


AlmavivA for the NRRP

Collaborating with public administrations every day, AlmavivA participates in this fundamental revitalization project, supporting the country's digital development with technologies and skills that are capable of creating value for the productive fabric and benefiting people. AlmavivA’s solutions enable secure and easily accessed management of data and services, to the benefit of governments, businesses, communities, and individuals.

AlmavivA portfolio includes use cases and capabilities for different fields of action towards sustainable development and ecological transition, supporting projects promoted by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Digital solutions

to foster the green economy

Technology innovation initiatives

to support the ecological transition

Smart systems

for environmental monitoring

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