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Spatial Data Infrastructure

Spatial Data Infrastructure

The first Geographic Saas open to all

Thanks to the use in cloud mode on the Software as a Service model of centralized, flexible and shared services, the SDI solution by AlmavivA overcomes the fragmentation of instruments for managing, knowing and governing the territory, thus favoring the efficiency and transparency of administration initiatives.

The solution allows for accessing databases of various bodies and offices (Ministries, Municipalities, Provinces, Regional agencies, environmental protection bodies, river authorities, etc.) and channeling the entire set of geographic-cartographic information into a single data hub. In this way it is possible to build a virtual archive of all the cartographic data, any natural or social events, and changes occurring in the territory: landslides, construction or demolition of buildings, environmental emergencies – in time series or in real time.

There are numerous fields of application, involving all public and private sectors: health, environment, agriculture, defense and security. The platform enables all administrators – online and without any additional costs – to autonomously combine projects that incorporate geographic information. The basic functions present in the solution are used as a “tool box” to satisfy the automation requirements of the various administrative procedures and make them available – in the form of specific services – to the relevant catchment area.

SDI allows for accessing databases of various bodies and offices and channeling all the geographic-cartographic information into a single data hub.

A decision support system (DSS) allows for creating balanced scoreboards on the events affecting the territory. The typical tools of a territorial information system are combined with a “BusinessLocation” Intelligence component, featuring tools and services that integrate the geographic information with traditional socio-economic-statistical information.

The end result is a platform that allows for rapidly accessing all territorial data updated in real time, making the procedure to be implemented quicker and more transparent. Moreover, the information is made available in open data mode, to favor the simplification of processes and the creation of new services.

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