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Objects, processes, platforms, systems, people and the environment generate events continuously. Thanks to the Internet of Things, the digital world is able to design a map of the physical world and collect all relevant data.

“GIOTTO AlmavivA Universal Platform for Enterprise®” makes available all the tools to create advanced, integrated, secure and highly scalable IoT applications: ESB, Real-time Processing and Rules Engine, Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning, Message Broker, IAM, API Manager, Device Manager.

The solutions and services developed through GIOTTO® acquire and process data generated by sensors, devices connected to the network, information systems and Web and social media platforms, making them available to end user, other platforms and devices.

GIOTTO® is constantly evolving: research, benchmarking, comparison with analysts and market experiences pave the way for a long-term vision that allows for designing and creating innovative solutions while guaranteeing the necessary consolidation time through on-going performance tests, integration tests and VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) on the platform and on the individual components.

GIOTTO® is modular, integrated and flexible: consisting of open source components, it is designed to guarantee the highest degree of flexibility and support the growth of a highly dynamic and constantly evolving market.

The system is able to easily integrate other platforms, systems, services and third-party engines. This can be accomplished in both the embedded mode (in which the third-party engines become one of the components of the platform) and through hundreds of connectors and adapters already available, capable of communicating with social networks as well as with legacy and mainframe infrastructures. GIOTTO® acquires data from sensors of different manufacturers and technologies and presents services that aid the development of IoT applications by reducing the time-to-market.

The system revolves around essential components


An agent software installable on smart gateways capable of transforming data and protocol structures, opening an MQTT or http channel with GIOTTO® and registering to the platform to supply it with data collected on the field.


The smart gateway box for EDGE networks, capable of acquiring data from wired and wireless sensors: it allows for configuring and activating feedback rules and analyses at a local level and communicating with GIOTTO® – either live or asynchronously – to guarantee communication also in non-resilient network scenarios.

The GIOTTO® ecosystem extends its functions by making available to its users additional services and modules, such as the GIS (Geographic Information System) and the DSS (Decision Support System). Furthermore, it guarantees native integration with products of the AlmavivA Group, such as, for example, SEM Smart Energy Management®.

GIOTTO® can be supplied in Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or on-premises mode for public administration bodies and private customers. Moreover, it is supplied with the SaaS service model to universities, to promote and collaborate in research activities, and to start-ups, to integrate and develop vertical solutions.

GIOTTO AlmavivA Universal Platform for Enterprise® is modular, integrated and flexible

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