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Enterprise 4.0

Enterprise 4.0

Enterprise 4.0

The transformation of the product into a service and the ability to massively produce highly customized, premium-quality products require pervasive information systems capable of accompanying the product from the production to the after-sales phases and supporting customers, anticipating all their needs.

Product servitisation

With Enterprise 4.0 AlmavivA leads customers on a path of industrial transformation, by promoting the digitalization of products, processes and the company through the effective application of various technologies:

Industrial Internet of Things

IoT Advanced Analytics

(Big Data e Machine Learning)

Smart Energy Management

Infomobility & Mobile

Enterprise e Distributed Architecture


Cyber Security

Behavioral and social analyses


Thanks to AlmavivA’s ability to govern and integrate these technologies in diverse projects, this transformation can be implemented through gradual interventions. AlmavivA proposes to its customers products available on the market and customized solutions at all levels of intervention in moving towards the new digitalization objectives, through its extensive experience in System Integration and the ability to provide services both on-premises and in the Public or Hybrid Cloud version.

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