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ERP & Data Management

ERP & Data Management


AlmavivA boasts a Competence Center with over 150 professionals in processes and highly skilled in enterprise resource planning, specializing in system and application management and application development activities and certified in various fields.

As a result, the extensive experience acquired by AlmavivA in managing business processes and in creating vertical application platforms can be fully exploited in the telco and media, transport and logistics, public administration, financial services, energy and services, defense and security sectors.

In particular, on SAP platforms and technology the main services offered by AlmavivA concern:


Provision of services on a hosted basis, revolving around highly innovative infrastructural solutions and procedures in line with SAP guidelines (ASAP roadmap)

Cloud Services

Infrastructure and services on an on-demand basis for SAP modules, combining the advantages of cloud computing (provisioning speed, flexibility of use, pay-per-use) with the customer’s freedom to autonomously manage the SAP environments, including a comprehensive management service


Operating services for solutions based on SAP HANA, an in-memory elaboration platform with premium-quality operating standards

Infrastructure Operations Services

Efficient infrastructural services that can be customized on the basis of customers’ SAP technological landscape

Application Management Services

Maintenance, operating and on-going functional support services for SAP applications.


Data Management

Availability, preservation and integrity of company data are essential traits in the Data Management sector, which requires specific expertise in systems and processes to satisfy information life cycle requirements.

The AlmavivA offer identifies three main processes:

Enterprise Data Management

To acquire, integrate and consolidate data within and outside of the company, with special emphasis on the sharing methods and their transfer among the various business processes

Corporate Data Quality Management

To manage and eliminate inconsistencies between company data and conduct compliance verifications

Master Data Management

For centralized management of data governance and exposure of data as a data service


Based on an Agile approach rooted in innovative technologies such as Data Virtualization, AlmavivA services fulfil the essential privacy and security criteria throughout each phase of the Data Transformation.

Each piece of data is converted into information and in value for the business, while tracking its path within the company system and protecting the value chain that generated the information (data lineage).

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