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Digital Communication & Development

Digital Communication & Development

Informed creation and adoption of digital channels in Public Administration

Digital transformation is the integration process of digital technologies in all areas of the business, a process that implies substantial changes in terms of technology, culture and the generation of value. To best use the emerging technologies and their rapid expansion in human activities, you must know how to re-invent yourself, radically transforming models and processes, affirming your identity, your values and your authoritativeness.

Digital scenario in Italy in 2019

55 m

Italians who access the Internet, in other words, 9 out of 10, rapidly growing

35 m

social media users, +2.9% compared to the previous year

31 m

people active on social media from mobile devices, with a 3.3% increase

€ 3.3 bn

invested in 2019 for Internet advertising, +10.3% compared to 2018, for the first time more than TV advertising


Digital paradigm: digital instruments change communication, making it even more effective

Not just the web: Omni-channel Customer Journey

The modern Customer Journey is promoted on all channels, thanks to new specialized capabilities that govern the complex touchpoint system (traditional and innovative, online and offline), through which Administrations and Businesses reach, speak with, listen to and interact with their users.

Moving using two methods, each with different objectives, specific characteristics and potential, to keep the user’s attention alive, with continuous impulses made up of fast, engaging, “short-lived” (stream) content, without neglecting an informative, organized, searchable and accessible offer, useful for meeting the demand for in-depth and specialized information, no matter when it was produced (stock).

Participatory design and UX Design

For years, AlmavivA has supported its customers in creating applications, websites and web portals, with an approach based on participatory design and on User Experience Design. The AlmavivA method relies on participatory, engaging, fluid and fast processes that lead to the creation of usable, accessible and responsive digital solutions.

From identification of the need all the way to design and planning, from the selection of the technological platforms to the development of innovative, flexible and personalized solutions, AlmavivA experts from a tailor-made viewpoint, in line with the requirements of the Government’s Digital Growth Strategic Plan and with the latest design, user experience and digital communication trends.

AlmavivA for “digital first” Public Administrations. With SPC, the public connectivity system

The Public Connectivity System, the Framework Contract that any Central and Local Public Administration can join, is the procurement instrument compatible with the national and European financing sources (e.g. PON funds) that make the acquisition of IT solutions and services simple and immediate, beginning from a vast and pre-defined set, through quick and efficient procedures that rationalize times and costs.

AlmavivA offers its customers operational know-how and experience capable of guaranteeing digital services focused on the citizen in this new national setting that defines technological infrastructures, rules and instruments for the new PA.

Hundreds of contracts have already been signed by “digital first” Administrations of all sizes throughout the national territory.

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