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DevOps on AlmaToolBox

DevOps on AlmaToolBox

Information Technology and business at the same speed

The DevOps practices and methodologies aim to promote interaction between the Development and Operations areas, which organizations traditionally manage separately, in order to develop software products and services rapidly and efficiently. AlmaToolBox® is the AlmavivA solution for integration within the DevOps framework.

A mix of methodologies, IT tools and change management interventions on organizations, aimed at private companies and public administration entities.

AlmaToolBox® harmonizes traditional reference models such as ITIL, Agile and Scrum within a single integrated vision and includes a broad range of specialist services offered in a package deal or on demand. More than a mere product, it is a comprehensive, flexible and modular solution offered in PaaS (Platform as a Service) mode by AlmavivA’s HyperCED® solution, or on-premises at the technological infrastructures of customers.

It integrates market products, open source tools and middleware, and custom SW modules, and implements an open organization model based on:

an extensive and diversified network of technological partnerships made up of leading companies in the IT sector, among them: Microsoft, Red Hat, Microfocus, WSO2, Dynatrace, Cast, Outsystems, Cisco

a community engaged in elaborating open source modules of the AlmaToolBox® Community Edition project

a group of customers who already use AlmaToolBox® and who, with their growing needs, offer an opportunity to promote the solution’s development on an on-going basis


AlmavivA DevOps Maturity Model

From a methodological viewpoint, AlmaToolBox® adopts the AlmavivA DevOps Maturity Model, consisting in a process arranged into growing levels of maturity, in which the transition between levels is governed by the CALMSS (Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement & management, Sharing, Sourcing) model by Forrester.

Information Technology and business at the same speed

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