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AlmavivA to develop the Country's information assets

AlmavivA to develop the Country's information assets

Simplified systems with a citizen-oriented approach

The Public Administration’s new strategic model is geared towards simplification and inclusion. It involves the PA bodies interacting with one another to allow people to have a quick and straightforward approach. Connecting the entire public digital system, by making the portals interoperable, is the challenge posed by SPC Cloud Batch 3, which Almaviva won as the leader of the temporary association of companies, which also includes Almawave, Indra and Pwc. It envisages a single enabling platform to simplify the integration of central and local administration bodies and uniform all instruments that aid citizens, based on criteria centred on security and ease of use.

The Public Administration within reach of a smartphone

Digital development is a powerful participation and empowerment factor for people and the community. Digital growth entails an open-government structure consisting of instruments that promote transparency and accountability, such as open data, environments for the participation of citizens in decision-making processes and opportunities for collaboration between public and private stakeholders. From an operating perspective, shifting the focus towards the citizen means making the entire Public Administration “within reach of a smartphone” through mobile devices and applications.

Almaviva to develop the Country's information assets

Almaviva has a longstanding experience in developing the State's information assets, in all fields, from tax and budgeting to culture, defense, health, agriculture or social security, assisting the public administration it its digital growth

Social Security Bodies

Almaviva has a longstanding history of supporting social security bodies in their ongoing commitment to improve their organization and the services delivered to the public and to employees, strengthening its role as a leading partner to INPS in handling the merger and rationalization processes of the social security/insurance entities absorbed by it, and in the development of and management of the sector’s “core” application services (pensions, revenues, insurance positions, income support benefits) and in the support areas (business intelligence and cross-sector processes).
Each year, the activities carried out enable the payment of over 2,700,000 pension benefits and the management of 3,200,000 insurance positions for civil servants.
Almaviva is also engaged in providing the INPS Application LifeCycle Management service, which supports the Government, based on a DevOps approach, and the effectiveness of the software development and maintenance processes, contributing to ensuring the reliability and quality of the telematics services offered to users. .

Public Finances

Regarding Public Finances, Almaviva works closely with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the National Audit Office for the development of the Country's principal financial and public accounting systems and the evolution and management of the Budgeting and Asset Accounting systems, as well as the economic accounting systems for Government, the Directorate of the Treasury and of Central, Regional and Local Government Finance for the National Audit Office.

In this context, at Almaviva we have always supported and assisted Government in identifying and determining the best and most suitable tools and instruments for transforming and upgrading ICT systems, consistently with the established deadlines and timeframes and with the applicable regulations, providing both functional and technical assistance.

In particular, on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, we have developed a centralized system for managing the payslips of public-sector employees (NoiPA), which, every year, issues about 21,000,000 payslips.

Universities and Research

The Ministry of Universities and Research has awarded Almaviva the contract for managing the Education IT infrastructure, an acknowledgement of our experience in innovation in this field: the solution is based on a “Private Cloud” architecture, in which a single “global” Server Farm enables users, through a dedicated Self Provisioning portal, to structure and manage the environments based on current needs.

Agriculture and the Environment

Ever since its outset, Almaviva has been driving the digitalisation of the Italian agricultural sector, over the years providing services increasingly geared towards monitoring and controlling agricultural companies.

On-going monitoring of the national territory, integration of the cadastral maps with ultra-high-definition aerial and satellite pictures, mapping of land use with field inspections and remote sensing. Also in the agricultural field knowledge is the starting point for guaranteeing premium-quality services to companies and consumers.

In 2018, thanks to Almaviva, Italy achieved the objective set by EC regulations, which anticipates the presentation of 100% of PAC 2018 questions in graphical format. Also thanks to the AGEA APP, designed in the context of the Plan for Agriculture 2.0, farmers are able to consult data and communications involving their own business. Furthermore, the dematerialisation of administrative processes in the winemaking sector has led to the elimination of around 65,000 paper records, thereby making things easier for thousands of companies and producers. Still in the wine sector, Almaviva has introduced the Enology project for the use of Blockchain technology with SIAN (National Agricultural Information System) data, to safeguard Italian-origin products and allow free and distributed access to information.

Almaviva also oversees the management and development of services for the Carabinieri Command Unit for Forestry, Environmental Protection and Agro-Food, such as the signalling of fires to the National Control Room, the mapping of areas affected by fires, the Meteomont landslide monitoring service and the regular national forest survey.

In its capacity as technical partner of SIN, Almaviva has completed the development of SINFI (National Federated Information System for Infrastructures), the national federated register of underground and overground infrastructures throughout Italy.

The IT System for the Management and Monitoring of information and environmental procedures for the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Protection is currently in development, with Almawave, Indra and Pwc.


Almaviva manages the Ministry’s technological infrastructure through outsourcing, guaranteeing the availability of applications, systems and networks, with hosting services for the central, departmental, peripheral and network environments, management of the distributed environment, and the electronic mail and help desk services.

Almaviva manages the technological infrastructure of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) through outsourcing, guaranteeing development, maintenance and assistance services for the information system. Through the PagoPA portal, it allows for paying the AIFA rates online from Italy and overseas, besides monitoring and checking the relevant fulfilments.

Almaviva develops and manages through outsourcing the Transplant Information System (SIT), which ensures the traceability and transparency of the donation-removal-transplantation process in Italy. The Turkish Ministry of Health has also chosen the innovation-oriented approach of Almaviva, which won the European tender financed by Europe Aid for pre-accession countries, for coordination and consulting activities with regard to organ transplants and donation.

Almaviva is responsible for developing and managing, through full outsourcing, the Blood Transfusion Service Information System (SISTRA), which collects and processes information relative to the collection and use of blood and its components, assesses the quality of processes and products linked to blood transfusion services and simplifies the activities involving blood supervision and planning of the demand and management of blood component surpluses and shortages at a national level.

Almaviva has set up the technological infrastructure and implemented the application services for the regional Socio-Medical System (SISS), providing support in analyzing the integration processes between the information systems of health authorities and the SISS.

Almaviva has also developed a number of other projects for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior, the Government Printing Office and National Mint, with respect to the ePassport, eResidence Permit and eID Card.

We have also developed, for the Ministry of Labour and Welfare, the WIN – Work Intelligence Network, which provides information services to both the general public and the Inspection staff. The WIN portal, which implements application Cooperation, can be accessed by the Labor Ministry Inspectors and all the other stakeholders, including the social security agencies INPS, INAIL, and the Legal Employment Unit of the Carabinieri Police, as well as the other Government agencies, entities and departments with Labour Inspection tasks and duties.