We manage complexity to simplify the Country

Over the past few years the public administration has begun to implement an important renewal and upgrading project. Almaviva collaborates daily with the Public Administration to guide the Country’s digital transformation, by promoting new opportunities for institutions and citizens to relate to one another, from a cultural and operating viewpoint, in line with the principles of open government. The keywords are: accessibility, transparency and interoperability.

The Country’s digital revolution. Today

In a range of sectors – among them agriculture, accounting and tax, cultural heritage, defence, health, agriculture or social security – Almaviva has always helped to develop the State’s information assets, by supporting administration bodies in their digitalisation process.

The path leading to the concrete implementation of the Digital Agenda and the transformation of central and local administrative bodies passes via the Public Connectivity System (SPC), as set out by AgID and Consip in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy.

Thanks to rapid and efficient procedures that rationalise time and costs, Almaviva develops digital services centred on the citizen, in a new national framework that defines the technological infrastructures, rules and instruments for a new PA, while guaranteeing interoperability and coordinated information systems. Need more information?

"SPC - Lotto 3" Public Connectivity System

Digital innovation for synergies between Administration Bodies

"SPC - Lotto 4" Public Connectivity System

Innovative methods and new digital channels for the interaction between Administration Bodies and users

A few figures of Almaviva experience

2,7 mln

pensions paid

3,2 mln

insurance situations of public employees managed


expenditure categories, 1,000 income categories and roughly 2,800 amendment decrees relative to statement of account entries managed for each financial year of the State General Accounting Office and of the Court of Audit


questionnaires and 15,000 statements managed each year for 8,500 bodies managed through systems of the Court of Audit, “Local Finance” department


employees managed each year through systems of the Court of Audit, “Human Resources” department

25 mln

payslips issued each year for over 1,900,000 public employees through the centralized system for the payment of remunerations of public administration personnel (NoiPA)


employees, 800,000 teachers, 7 million students and 25,000 school facilities managed through the information system of the Ministry of Education

over 2 mln

visas issued every year by Italy through the VIS system for the exchange of data on entry visas in the Schengen Area among the member States


1,5 mln

agricultural companies managed through the “Company File”

€ 5 bln

EU contributions checked and supplied each year


plots checked annually


PAC 2018 questions in graphical format


territorial offices connected via the Web


information points for citizens


forest fires monitored each year


municipalities that receive geographic data on forest fires


1,75 mln

registered declarations of intent for organ donation


units of blood components exchanged between Regions (2011)

15 mln

Regional and national health cards (CRS/CNS) produced and delivered to Lombardy’s citizens

over 60%

of Lombardy’s citizens who gave their informed consent for the creation of the electronic health file (FSE)

over 80%

of medical reports processed electronically, signed digitally and available for the FSE


Almaviva to develop the Country's information assets

Almaviva has a longstanding experience in developing the State's information assets, in all fields, from tax and budgeting to culture, defense, health, agriculture or social security, assisting the public administration it its digital growth

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